Technical Report

MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory

MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory

The Technical Report is intended to provide detailed information for researchers and decision makers.

It is a comprehensive report outlining the key climate change projection messages for Australia across a range of variables. The report underpins all information found in other products, including this website. It contains an extensive set of figures and descriptions on recent Australian climate trends, global climate change science, climate model evaluation processes, modelling methodologies and downscaling approaches. The report includes a chapter describing how to use climate change data in impact assessment and adaptation planning.

You can download the full report or individual chapters as PDF files.

Full report

CCIA Projections Technical Report (23.4 MB)

Individual chapters

Table of contents and acknowledgements (931.8 KB)

Executive summary (99.1 KB)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (304.9 KB)

Chapter 2 - User needs and regionalisation (879.0 KB)

Chapter 3 - Global climate change science (2.0 MB)

Chapter 4 - Understanding recent Australian climate (2.0 MB)

Chapter 5 - Evaluation of climate models (3.8 MB)

Chapter 6 - Climate change projection methods (1.3 MB)

Chapter 7 - Projections: Atmosphere and the land (5.6 MB)

Chapter 8 - Projections (and recent trends): Marine and coasts (3.7 MB)

Chapter 9 - Using climate change data in impact assessment and adaptation planning (1.9 MB)

Chapter 10 - Research directions (1.0 MB)

References (317.8 KB)

Glossary (658.0 KB)