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4/1/2018: Online Training - Climate Futures

Did you know there is Online Training available on CCIA?  There are four modules and we've recently updated Module 4: The Climate Futures Framework.  Please take a look!

The four modules are:

  1. The Climate System
  2. Climate Projections Science
  3. Using Projections Data
  4. The Climate Futures Framework (recently updated)

There is also an Online Quiz if you want to test your skill!

4/7/2017: Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our user survey. The survey is now closed and a summary of the results will be published here shortly.

Best wishes from the CCIA Team

1/12/2016: New Brochure: Australia’s Changing Climate

Australia’s Changing Climate is a brochure that summarises how our climate has changed in recent decades, how it may change in future, potential impacts and solutions.

Drawing on the wealth of understanding underpinning the 2015 region-based projections, this brochure gives the ‘whole of Australia’ perspective. The brochure is designed to be easy to read, with extensive use of illustrations and figures to convey the information.

Download a PDF copy from the Publications Library

30/11/2016: State of the Climate 2016

The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO have released the fourth, biennial State of the Climate report. It draws on the latest monitoring, science and projections information to describe variability and changes in Australia's climate, and how it is likely to change in the future.

Observations and climate modelling paint a consistent picture of ongoing, long-term climate change interacting with underlying natural variability.

Read the details online or download a copy from the BoM website

30/11/2016: Switch to the new registration system (existing registered users only)

As previously indicated, we have switched to a new user sign-in and account management system.

If you are a registered user, you should have received an email from us with instructions for switching your account over.

If you did not receive the email for some reason, please follow the instructions below. However, if the email address you used to register is no longer current, you will need to do a new registration.

If your registered email is still valid:

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  2. 2. Click on the "Forgot your password? Reset it" link (note that your old password will not work).
  3. 3. You will receive an email with a link to activate the password reset process. Follow the link by clicking on it (or copying & pasting it into your browser) and follow the instructions.

If your registered email is no longer valid:

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  5. 5. Check your email for the message "Account Activation on Climate Change In Australia".
  6. 6. Follow the link by clicking on it (or copying & pasting it into your browser).
  7. 7. You will see a page confirming your account activation. Click the link on this page to sign in using the email and password you set in step 3.
  8. 8. Complete the Registration form, tick the box to indicate your acceptance of the Terms of Use. Clicking on the 'Save' button will complete the registration process and take you to the Climate Change in Australia (aka CCIA) home page. Happy browsing!

If you haven any trouble, contact us at

Best wishes,
The CCIA Team

19/8/2016: Enhanced Guidance Material

Please check out the latest addition to the Climate Campus: new and/or updated guidance on Using Climate Projections for impact assessment. The new material covers:

  1. Approaches to Climate Change Impact Assessment
  2. Using climate projections
  3. Application-ready data  - what it is and how to decide which data are appropriate
  4. Regional projections data pathway  - a flowchart showing decision pathways for choosing regional datasets
  5. Case studies - hypothetical case studies on biodiversityhuman health and water resources .

19/8/2016: NESP Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub

The NESP Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub is committed to using our understanding of Australia’s past, present and future climate to supply useful and accessible climate information for Australia. The research will help address major challenges for water, food, natural resources, coasts, natural disasters and greenhouse gases. There are 11 projects , one of which will maintain and improve the Climate Change in Australia website and deliver better climate products and services – see

19/8/2016: ACT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

The ACT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy - Living with a warming climate' is focused on five key sectors – disaster and emergency management, community health and wellbeing, settlements and infrastructure, water, and natural resources and ecosystems. It and draws on the regional climate projections jointly developed by CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology in 2015.

22/12/2015: New Journal Papers page

22nd December 2015

Today we added a new page within the Publications Library section of the website. This page provides links to published peer-reviewed journal papers detailing the scientific research that underpins aspects of the 2015 Climate Change in Australia projections.

Relevant publications will be added over time and whenever possible we will provide a direct download (copyright provisions permitting).

Take a look a the new Journal Papers page.