Climate Projections

Climate change projections show how Australia’s climate may change in the future. Using up to 40 global climate models, the projections found here represent the most comprehensive analysis of Australia’s future climate ever undertaken.

Climate projections are spatially focussed around natural resource management regions (or clusters) for which information, data and reports are available. Use the Data Exploration tools found on this site to see what climate models are projecting about future climate change for Australia.

Also available is a range of model outputs (to registered users) including climate model data formulated for use in further studies or applications (Application-ready data ).

Page updated: 28th June 2019

  • Climate Analogues

    The Climate Analogues tool is used to explore what the future climate would be like in a location of your choice. Future climate is described as the current climate of another town or city that is in another location (within Australia).

    Climate Analogues
  • Coastal and Marine

    Coasts and marine ecosystems are important for Australia. Seven of the eight analysis clusters have coastlines. This section allows users to read about and explore projections for the coastal and marine environments including sea level rise, sea surface temperatures, aragonite saturation and ocean chemistry.

    Marine Explorer
  • Climate Futures Tool

    A multi-purpose tool to support advanced users of climate projections data to obtain appropriate climate model data for detailed impact assessments.

    Climate Futures
  • Climate thresholds

    The number of days above or below particular thresholds of temperature or rainfall is a useful way to describe extremes of climate. Use this tool to generate maps and tables of past and future threshold exceedances.