Climate Change in Australia

Climate information, projections, tools and data

The Queensland Government partnered with the University of Queensland in 2019 to develop high resolution climate projections to underpin climate adaptation across Queensland’s regions.

The project has been developing regionalised datasets, information and guidance for decision making in climate adaptation and risk mitigation across Queensland. Eleven of the CMIP5 global models have been dynamically downscaled to 10 km resolution, thus adding significant detail to Queensland's climate features.

Available resources at the Queensland Future Climate portal include:

  1. Queensland Future Climate Dashboard : an interactive regionalisation platform with future climate data for 205 regions, 32 climate metrics, four time periods and two emissions scenarios.
  2. High-resolution gridded datasets (10 km) individual ensemble runs and ensemble averages with summary changes as well as daily and monthly time-series for a range of climate metrics.
  3. Understanding the data an animated communication piece, describing the modelling approach and introducing the data resources.
  4. Animated communication products:
    1. Heatwaves Case Study and
    2. Water security Case Study .
  5. New interactive platform for tropical cyclone risk.
  6. Application-ready time series data for biophysical modelling.

Projected changes from these high-resolution data will soon be included in the Climate Futures Toolkit . This allows the results to be viewed alongside all other datasets, thus ensuring that the full range of plausible future change from all available sources is explored.

Page last updated 17th March 2021