Climate Change in Australia

Climate information, projections, tools and data

Impacts and Adaptation Information for Australia's NRM Regions

Australia has 54 natural resource management (NRM) regions, which are defined by catchments and bioregions. Many activities of organisations and ecosystem services within the NRM regions are vulnerable to impacts of climate change.

For this report, these NRM regions are regions are grouped into ‘clusters’ which largely correspond to the broad-scale climate and biophysical regions of Australia. The clusters are diverse in their history, population, resource base, geography and climate. Therefore, each cluster has a unique set of priorities for responding to climate change.

Across Australia research has been conducted to develop a deeper understanding of how climate change will impact upon the country’s unique and diverse natural resources and natural resource management (NRM) activities.

Click on the map below to explore what adaptation research has been conducted to support natural resource managers to plan for and consider the impact of climate change for Australia’s regions. In these pages (arranged by clusters) you will access background information on the region, key messages about the impact of climate change, and reports and other relevant supporting material.