Climate Change in Australia

Climate information, projections, tools and data

The Victorian Government partnered with CSIRO’s Climate Science Centre to do new high-resolution climate modelling and incorporate these into an updated set of climate projections for Victoria.

The project developed a comprehensive set of 5 km datasets for use in impact/risk assessment. The datasets are accompanied by a set of products designed to build the capacity of state and local government, business and the community to understand and apply climate change data and information. The information and data products were released in October 2019.

Project outputs available from this website include:

  1. New 5 km-resolution downscaled projection datasets for all of Victoria for intermediate and high emissions pathways.
  2. A range of climate projection datasets suitable for use in climate risk assessment and adaptation planning (“application-ready datasets”).
  3. Guidance material to assist users understand and make the best use of the new projections and underlying datasets. The guidance includes explanations of the projection data sources and advice on how to select relevant data sources for different uses.
  4. Communication products , including:
    1. A detailed technical report,
    2. Ten regional short reports, and
    3. A set of six easy to read fact-sheets.

These products are also available from the Victorian Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) climate change website.

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